Sherry Slocum – Payroll and Billing Specialist

Sherry is one of the Payroll and Billing Specialists for LINC. She says the best thing about LINC is the people who work here! Sherry started her career at LINC as the PAS Program Aide in February 2019 and remained in that position until late spring of 2021. She thoroughly enjoyed working in that position. Sherry felt that she was very privileged to get to know and build relationships with the many Personal Assistants and their Employers that she worked with on a daily basis while she was the PAS Program Aide. She has worked in bookkeeping and payroll for a majority of her adult life so when the opportunity to become a Payroll and Billing Specialist came about, she was excited to move in that direction. Sherry feels that working as a Payroll and Billing Specialist still allows her to interact with all of her fabulous co-workers and the great Personal Assistants and Employers that she’s grown to care for but now she helps to make sure the Personal Assistants get paid, what an amazing honor this is! Being part of the Finance Team is a wonderful opportunity for Sherry. She loves it so much that she can see herself working there until she’s old (ha, ha, ha older) and gray (ha, ha, ha, grayer) and happily retiring…..someday waaaay into the future.

When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, children and her grandchildren. Life is good!

Phone: 208-454-5511