Sari Lipp, Emergency Food Box Coordinator

Sari Lipp is a self-advocate, a youth mentor and Certified Peer Support Specialist. She lives life with Cerebral Palsy but calls that an adventure that she wouldn’t ever change. Sari uses the challenges she has overcome as a platform to encourage others as well as make changes for the better. She successfully completed college with an Associate’s Degree in Health Information technology and has also obtained several other Healthcare certifications. Sari lives an independent life that is filled with lots of dreams and goals. Her wit and positive attitude are reflected in her presence and presentation.

Sari has a deep love for life and adventure and will try anything once even if she must adapt. She loves horses, kayaking and the outdoors. She means it when she says
“Life is what YOU make it, have fun, dream big and be YOU!”

Sari joined the LINC team in September of 2020 and has since been sharing her passion and drive of helping people thrive, she has a passion for Emergency preparedness and is helping ease the food insecurities among the disabled in several communities across Idaho as our Emergency Food Box Delivery Program Coordinator.