Emily Petersen, Advocacy/Independent Living Specialist

Before coming to LINC in 2022, Emily has 10+ years of experience volunteering and working in several community and statewide organizations, including Disability Advocacy Network of Idaho, the Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities, Idaho Spina Bifida, Adaptive Cycling of Southern Idaho, and Interlink Volunteer Caregivers. She is a part of the Idaho Parents Unlimited Parent Leadership and St. Luke’s parent mentor programs. She has spent countless hours assisting individuals and families to navigate resources and systems in Idaho to have proper supports for better quality living. Emily continues to collaborate with community leaders and state legislatures to improve Idaho systems for a better quality of life for all.

Emily has had personal experience as a primary care provider for her family that has complex medical and developmental disability needs. Not surprisingly, she is certified in Person-Centered Thinking Skills.

Emily is raising three beautiful children with her husband in the Magic Valley area. Emily taught private vocal lessons for 15 years before joining the LINC team. She enjoys family movie night, nature walks, fresh vegetables from the garden, and enjoys the sweet and salty combination of chocolate-covered cashews.

Phone: 208-733-1712 ext. 103, Email: epetersen@lincidaho.org