Brenda Collins, PAS Relations Specialist Lead

I came to LINC with minimal experience and knowledge in the nonprofit agencies; I had experience in the clerical field and over 20 years of experience in the customer service industry. Since coming to LINC in 2007, I have become very passionate about helping people remain in their homes and with as much independence as possible. Coming from a tiny rural agriculture town has its benefits in knowing how hard it is to receive services in those small communities.

I have a passion for music which started in grade school. I quickly picked up on playing three different instruments and love all different types of music. This passion transferred over to my eldest son, and he has the gift of picking up just about anything and being able to play it. I have another son still at home and in high school who is also finding the love and calming effect that music can play in his life.

Phone: 208-454-5511 ext. 151