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Spotting Coronavirus Scams – Contact Tracing

A new scam is spreading around Idaho. Scammers contact unsuspecting people and pose as “public health care workers” or “contact tracers.” Contact tracing is a real and necessary function of the health department. Health departments use contact tracing to find out who has the virus and who may have had contact with someone who does. Based on the answers, the health department can get a more accurate idea of who may be at risk for getting sick and how this may impact the community. 

Legitimate contact tracers will ask personal questions like “Do you know so-and-so?” or “Have you been to such-and-such place in the last week?” They may confirm your current address.  

Contact tracers will NEVER ask for your Social Security Number or any banking or account information. If the person begins to ask those kinds of questions, hang up. You can always call the Attorney General’s office (208-334-2400) or your local health department to find out if the call was legitimate. 

REMEMBER – It’s never rude to hang up on a potential scammer. A legitimate contact tracer will understand your concerns.