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ICDD accepting applications for Partners in Policymaking

What Is Idaho Partners in Policymaking?

Idaho Partners in Policymaking is an innovative leadership development program for adults with developmental disabilities and parents of children with disabilities. Partners receive information, training, resources, and skill building so they may have the best possible life experiences for themselves and for their children. Partners in Policymaking was created in 1986 by Colleen Wieck, Executive Director of the Minnesota Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities. The program was developed specifically to teach people with disabilities and families of young children with disabilities to:

  • Work on long-term change.
  • Become active partners with policymakers who will shape policies that impact people with disabilities and families.
  • Understand possibilities and how to create them.

Current Projects & Activities

The Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities is seeking twenty highly motivated and enthusiastic parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and adults with developmental disabilities to participate in the 2021 class of Idaho Partners in Policymaking.



For more information and an application, visit the Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities website.