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Wednesday, March 9th, 2022

2pm MST

Who? Anyone affected by the caregiver crisis

What? Learn what’s going on, get guidance, make a plan to act

Where? Zoom video and call in (see below)

Idahoans Are Losing Their Freedom to Live in Their Own Homes and Communities Because of the Direct Care Workforce Crisis

More than 20,000 Idahoans with disabilities and older adults live in their own homes and communities because of in-home and community-based services.

In-home direct care workers are the lifeline for Idahoans who use these services to maintain their freedom and independence, values that are core to Idaho.

Low and stagnant wages are pushing direct care workers to higher paying jobs with benefits, leaving thousands of Idahoans stranded and at risk of losing everything.

What We Need:

  • SHORT-TERM: Support an increase in rates for direct care workers.
  • LONG-TERM: Develop and execute a plan to stabilize and strengthen the direct care workforce in Idaho for the future.

What this crisis means for Idahoans…

  • Critical in-home care programs and agencies are closing their doors because of a lack of direct care workers.
  • Idahoans living in the community, even at a young age, are at risk of being institutionalized resulting in loss of opportunity to attend church, be employed, live in our own homes, or go to school.
  • Idahoans living in institutions are unable to return home, essentially taking away their freedom and committing them to what amounts to a prison sentence against their will almost always at a far HIGHER COST to Idaho taxpayers.

Who Are Idaho’s Direct Care Workers?

  • Direct care workers are also called in-home care worker, personal assistant, personal attendant, or homecare aide. They work for Idahoans with disabilities and older adults to ensure that they have the personal care required to live, work, volunteer, attend school and church, and live the values of Idaho in their own homes and communities – FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE.
  • Direct care workers assist Idahoans with daily living tasks and personal care duties, such as hygiene, toileting, dressing, eating, mobility, transferring, cooking, shopping, money management, and medication assistance. For children with disabilities, they may also provide critical care to support their growth and development.

Zoom Info for March 9th event:

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