Ready to help others take control of their independence.

Our community of assistants, nurses, advocates, and directors all want to make the lives of people living with disabilities better. We understand the desire to live independently and want to do what we can to help you get there.


Jeremy Maxand, Executive Director

Jeremy grew up in a small island community in Southeast Alaska and has used a manual wheelchair since 1989. He moved to Idaho in the early nineties to attend Boise State University, where he earned undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice Administration and Sociology, and a graduate degree is Applied Historical ... Learn more

LeAnn Naillon, Deputy Director

LeAnn Naillon is a native of Boise and has served as the Assistant Director of LINC since June 2017.  She and her husband moved back to Boise from Montana where LeAnn was the Vice President of Unified Strategies for Special Olympics Montana for seven and a half years. While working ... Learn more

Lana Gonzales, Director of IL Innovation

Lana Gonzales is our Independent Living Innovation Director; she came to Boise from Idaho Falls where she was the Director of Children’s Services for a Developmental Disability Agency. A graduated from Idaho State University in Human Resource Training and Development, Lana also worked as a Parent Education Coordinator and volunteered ... Learn more

LeAnn Sullivan, Human Resource Administrator

LeAnn joined LINC in 2020 after having worked as the Executive Assistant to the Idaho State Treasurer along with being the Executive Director and Fundraiser for the Smart Women Smart Money conference. After her son, Josiah, was involved in an auto accident he became a wheelchair user. Since then, LeAnn ... Learn more

Melva Heinrich, Director of Community & Resource Integration

Melva oversees all services in the satellite office which include independent living services, advocacy, information, and referral services for people with disabilities. She also works closely with the Personal Assistance Services staff providing in-home care services to ensure people with disabilities and seniors can live independently in their own homes. ... Learn more

Sharon Barber, PAS Director

Sharon Barber LMSW is the Personal Assistant Services Relations Specialist at LINC’s Boise office.  She joined LINC in August, 2018.  Sharon attended Northwest Nazarene University where she earned her Master of Social Work degree in 2014.  She is licensed in the State of Idaho as a Master Social Worker.  Sharon ... Learn more

Brandi Schmidt, Director of Finance

Brandi Schmidt is the Director of Finance at LINC. She works with the finance team to apply her nonprofit financial and accounting knowledge to oversee LINC’s business operations. Prior to coming to LINC, Brandi gained exceptional knowledge in nonprofit best practices while working at the Idaho Nonprofit Center. She was ... Learn more

Kelli Romine, Independent Living Specialist

Kelli Romine has been an advocate for her own family over 25 years raising two daughters with severe to profound hearing losses. She worked with children with in the public-school system in Special Education for 8 years. After that she became an Employment Specialist where she worked very closely with ... Learn more

Christina Erling, Mobility & IL Specialist

I started with LINC  in March 2018 as the Mobility and IL Specialist.  This is a natural fit for me since I have worked in transportation in one form or another most of my career.   I enjoy working with the transportation program because I can see the benefit to the ... Learn more

Tarey Potter, CDME -Assistive Technology Specialist

  Tarey Potter joined the LINC team in 2017. Tarey is a graduate from the Salt lake Community College where he studied graphic arts. He currently also works as a graphic designer, web designer and professional artist, with his work featured in several public locations throughout the valley. Tarey is ... Learn more

Annabeth Elliott, RN

Annabeth Elliott is the registered nurse (RN) for the Personal Assistant Services (PAS) Program at LINC. Annabeth was born at St Luke’s in Boise and then worked there for 5 years after becoming an RN! She also has a Master’s of Science Degree in nursing with an emphasis in Population ... Learn more

Brenda Collins, PAS Relations Specialist Lead

I came to LINC with minimal experience and knowledge in the nonprofit agencies; I had experience in the clerical field and over 20 years of experience in the customer service industry. Since coming to LINC in 2007, I have become very passionate about helping people remain in their homes and ... Learn more

Sarah Razer, PAS Relations Specialist

Sarah came to LINC with over 10 years of experience in case management working with older adults, individuals with dual diagnosis, and individuals living with disabilities. She has always felt strongly that everyone has a right to stay in their own homes for as long as they wish to. She ... Learn more

Leneah Fleming, PAS Aide

Leneah Fleming, PAS Aide Before joining LINC in 2021, Leneah worked for 4 years in assisted living communities running the hospitality department and as their activities coordinator. Her education is in Hospitality Management. She is also a Master gardener. Leneah has been married for over 20 years and has two ... Learn more

Mark Lewis, PAS Specialist & Program Educator

Mark Lewis joined LINC in 2018. Mark is a LMSW who graduated with his masters in social work from Boise State University in 2018. Mark is passionate about non-profit community service and first moved to Twin Falls in 2010. Outside of work, Mark enjoys playing tennis, racing in triathlons, reading ... Learn more

Sherry Slocum – Payroll and Billing Specialist

Sherry is one of the Payroll and Billing Specialists for LINC. She says the best thing about LINC is the people who work here! Sherry started her career at LINC as the PAS Program Aide in February 2019 and remained in that position until late spring of 2021. She thoroughly ... Learn more

Tanya Hollon, PAS Relations Specialist

Tanya Hollon works with seniors and people with disabilities by assisting them get the in home care they need to live an independent life at home.  Tanya worked as a personal assistant for a year before she joined LINC as a full-time employee.   Phone: 208-733-1712 ext. 106 Email:   ... Learn more

Erin Riley, PAS Referral Coordinator & Program Educator

Erin joined LINC in May of 2018 as the Personal Assistant Services Program Educator and Referral Coordinator. She grew up in Boise, leaving after graduating high school she moved around to Chicago, IL; Virginia Beach, VA; St. John, USVI; Portland and Corvallis, OR. She received her Bachelor of Science degree ... Learn more

Lanette Brooks, -Billing & Payroll Clerk

    Phone: 208-336-3335 ext. 225 Email:   ... Learn more

Margi Weaver, Accounting Manager

Margi came to Boise from Portland, Oregon in 2013.  She graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science in 2001 and in 2002 completed  the Graduate Teacher Education Program.  After graduating she began working at a child abuse prevention program working with kids 0-3 and ... Learn more

Zoe Thomas-Johnson, Billing Assistant

Zoe Johnson currently works with the Finance Department as the Billing Assistant. She has been working in this capacity for one year. Zoe’s work experience has enabled her to become increasingly organized, and she is growing more confident as she improves her knowledge of Health and Welfare policies and billing ... Learn more

Kelly Dull, Information and Referral Specialist

Kelly joined L.I.N.C  in October 2018.  She attened the University of Pheonix where she earned an Associate degree in Business Administration and Finance (2014) and a Bachelor degree in Business Management (2018). She has spent the previous six years learning and working in the non-profit sector.  Kelly has a strong ... Learn more

Carol Becker, Receptionist

  Carol joined our team on July 22, 2003 as the Receptionist in the Boise office.  She is responsible for managing front office operations.  Her primary duties include: answering multi phone lines, welcoming on-site visitors and transferring them to the appropriate team member.  She takes in timesheets from all three ... Learn more