Does a person need documented proof of a disability to receive LINC services?

No documentation is necessary to receive most LINC services; we take people at their word when they state they’re a senior or a person with a disability.

How can I become involved in the Independent Living Movement?

There are many ways one can become involved in our Movement. Contact Lana Gonzalez at and she will explain the numerous ways to have your voice heard, both on a state and national level. Nothing about us without us!

How much money can I earn while maintaining my SSDI, SSI, and Medicaid?

Each program is impacted differently by earned income. However, if your goal is to have more spendable income in your pocket each month, working is better financially than not working – the earnings threshold for both “regular” Medicaid and Medicaid for Workers with Disabilities are very high.

How do I apply for the PAS Program services?

You will need to either be eligible for Idaho Enhanced Medicaid and also qualify for the Aged and Disabled Waiver (A&D Waiver) or private pay for your services.  To apply for Idaho Enhanced Medicaid and the Aged and Disabled Waiver, you will need to contact the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.  Once you qualify for Idaho Enhanced Medicaid and have applied for the A&D Waiver, Medicaid Nurse Reviewer will complete an assessment with you called a Uniform Assessment Inventory (UAI) to determine your level of care.

What do I need to do to private pay for PAS program services?

If you are interested in private paying for your personal care needs, please contact: Sharon Barber, Personal Assistant Specialist (PAS) in the Boise office. Email: Phone: 208-336-3335 ext. 232.

If you are interested in the Caldwell/Nampa area, please contact: Erin Riley, Program Educator in LINC’s Caldwell office.: Email: Phone: 208-336-3335 ext 213.

Mark Lewis, PAS Specialist in LINC’s Twin Falls office, Email:   Phone:208-733-1712 ext. 108.

How do I become a Personal Assistant for LINC Employers?

If you are interested in becoming a Personal Assistant for the PAS Program, please contact: