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Establishing the Program

The lack of affordable, available, and accessible transportation is one of the most important and persistent challenges faced by elderly and individuals with disabilities. These obstacles are especially hard for individuals that live and work within city limits or in rural areas. At LINC, we dedicate our time to supporting and advancing the rights and independence of everyone. Transportation is an area that LINC has made a significant impact.

People forced to remain home often feel frustrated, isolated, and dependent on others. It’s hard when you’re unable to jump in the car and hurry to an appointment, grab a gallon of milk, rush your children to school, or just go for a Sunday drive.

At LINC, we believe that transportation is an essential and necessary service for people with disabilities. We’ve established service transportation grants to assist those who no longer or are unable to drive. Funding comes from the Idaho Transportation Department’s 5310 Grant, the Office on Aging, and other local contributions. We provide administrative costs, such as postage to mail over 8,500 transportation cards annually, office supplies, and employee compensation.

How it Works

The LINC Transportation Program subsidizes the cost of relying on public transportation for daily activities. Individuals are assigned a monthly transportation card, which they present to their provider when they travel. The driver checks off the ride on their card, and depending on the destination, reimburses it through our grant. The participant pays a co-pay for the remainder of the fare.



To enroll, you must complete an application and provide a photocopy of your state-issued ID to keep on file. You’ll also need to be old enough to operate a vehicle and have a disability or an individual over the age of 65.

Best Practices

When using public transportation, consider the following:

  • Try to call at least 1 hour before you need the service to allow the dispatcher time to schedule your trip.
  • Some providers require a reservation 24 hours in advance.
  • Know the exact address of pick up and final destination.Inform the dispatcher if you need their services for multiple stops so the driver can set aside the proper amount of time before scheduling their next trip.
  • Inform the dispatcher if you need any additional accommodations, such as a wheelchair-accessible van, or if a service animal will be traveling with you.
  • When entering the vehicle, inform the driver that you have a LINC card, which will be used for the trip.
  • If you need to conduct business and would like the driver to wait, it is your responsibility to contact the provider for their service availability and pay any additional fees that may arise.

Remember: organization and communication are key to the smooth and efficient use of public transportation.

Transportation Providers

Snake River Yellow Cab

Trans IV

Eagle One

Central Taxi

B-N-K Taxi
(Mini Cassia only )

Community Support Center

Attached you will find an application for LINC’s transportation program which is available in the Magic Valley and Mini Cassia.

Transporation Application Form

Qualifications for this program:

    • 65+ years old
    • Be of driving age
    • Have a disability certified by a licensed professional.

You may mail, fax, or bring the completed application, along with a copy of your state issued photo ID to:

LINC, 1182 Eastland Drive North, Suite C, Twin Falls, ID  83301.
Fax to:  208-733-7711

LINC will process your application.  Upon approval you will be issued a Blue transportation card which is good for two months.