We won’t back down! LINC is a cross-disability and diversity-driven organization, meaning we believe the power to choose and live an independent life is a right for all. As advocates for people living with disabilities, including those who are also faced w/ additional barriers due their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., we provide meaningful support for our community in whole, for we are all equal!  Disability Rights are Civil Rights!


What is advocacy?

It’s the act of speaking, acting, or writing on behalf of your interests to promote, protect and preserve your welfare and justice. We accomplish this task by:

  • Being on your side when you need it most
  • Concerning ourselves with your fundamental needs
  • Remaining loyal and accountable in a way that is empathetic and vigorous


Individual Advocacy

At LINC, we offer our assistance to those who need it most. Some situations may seem daunting and outright unjust when working within the system. We make sure you:

  • Have a voice
  • Are treated fairly
  • Thoroughly understand your rights

Our desire to help you achieve your independence ensures we continue to provide you with friendly support and helpful perspective for the self-advocate when you feel concerned about your freedoms, liberty, and access.


Systems Advocacy

We’re a powerful voice for identifying and addressing the shortcomings within the system and diminish independent living and freedom. By doing so, we assure a level playing field for every person we serve. Many here at LINC sit in local, regional, and national positions where systems advocacy is executed daily at the highest levels.


Self Advocacy Leadership Training (SALT)

Find your voice, then lead with it!

Starting April 4th Mondays 3PM MST until May 30th in 2022.

find your voice then lead with it self advocacy leadership training
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You can read more about the SALT program by clicking here.

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