Q & A with Nurse Annabeth about COVID-19 Vaccines

woman holding laptop and typing

On Feb. 10, 2021, we will have our Registered Nurse Annabeth here to answer all your submitted questions about the Covid-19 vaccines. As our staff nurse, Annabeth has been helping us navigate this pandemic and all of the questions and issues related to it. On both Lunch with LeAnn (at noon on Facebook) and at our community LINC-Up (2pm on Zoom), she will answer as many of these questions about COVID, precautions and how to get the vaccine as possible. The deadline for submitting questions is 10am on Feb. 10th to allow Annabeth time to prepare.

Please use the form (at to ask your question. We are sorry, but we cannot send replies to every individual question. We will answer as many questions as we can during these two events. If you are an employer or personal assistant through our Personal Care Services program and have urgent questions about a potential exposure, please contact LINC and Annabeth as soon as possible.