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Job Opening for an Advocacy & IL Speciallist

Advocacy / Independent Living Specialist (IL Specialist)

The purpose of this position is to provide exceptional customer service to consumers, community members, provider agencies, and outside organizations. The position utilizes an in-depth knowledge of agency programs, community resources, the Independent Living philosophy, and services for individuals with disabilities. The IL Specialist will contribute to a positive working environment by providing attention to detail, a readiness to help others (in and outside of the office), and a willingness to do what needs to be done. The IL Specialist will have a strong commitment to LINC’s mission and values as well as the IL five core services.

Advocacy Specialty: This position has a specialty in Advocacy. The IL Specialist will take the lead on LINC’s self-advocacy efforts by recruiting self-advocates, planning and facilitating self-advocacy trainings, developing advocacy partnerships, maintaining records, and coordinating related events. The IL Specialist will also support LINC’s systems advocacy efforts by helping grow and activate a network of advocates in Idaho.