Have Resources you want to share? 

Have a resources our community would benefit from? Do you want to learn more about something related to the disability community in southwest Idaho? We want to hear from you!

We’d like to invite you or another guest to join us on Lunch with LeAnn! Our show is broadcast live on Wednesdays at noon on our Facebook page ( It began as a way to connect with the community when the pandemic began. We wanted to bring on guests to have a fun conversation around lunch, what access and independent living means to them, and to share resources that may help someone you know. The idea is that this is just a quick conversation folks can listen to or watch while they eat their lunch. We open with food because that is a basic need for everyone.

We provide the Zoom platform and the sign language interpreter and utilize Zoom’s closed captioning feature (as well as Facebook’s new feature). Episodes remain on the page even after we are finished broadcasting.

Usually, the day after the live broadcast, we upload the video to YouTube and edit the closed captioning. That way folks can watch any and all of our episodes in one place, rather than needing to scroll through our Facebook page.

Our YouTube channel:

If anyone is curious or wants to see how the show flows, I highly encourage you to watch an episode from YouTube. I would recommend the Lunch we did a few weeks ago with Melva Heinrich talking about her new project.

If you are interested, please fill out the form in the link below. One of us will be in touch to schedule your Lunch!

Your biggest fans,

LeAnn and Jen

Submit them here! Click on the link below!

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