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2018 Independent Living Conference & Resource Fair

“Empowering Independence”

September 6th & 7th, 2018

The Linen Building 1402 W Grove St., Boise, Idaho

Thank you to everyone that participated!

We had a Exceptionally Successful Conference!


  • Conference Schedule


    • 8:30 – 9:30   Registration

      • This will be where you check into the conference and receive your conference information

      9:00 – 10:00   Kick Off and History of IL.

      • Kelly Buckland, Executive Director of the National Council of Independent Living in Washington D.C. and an Idaho native will join Roger Howard, Executive Director of LINC to share some history of the Independent Living movement on a national and local level.  We are excited to kick of our conference with some reflection on the past to give us context for how far we have come and motivate us to keep moving forward! NCIL Website: LINC website:

      10:00 – 10:30   Administration for Community Living Presentation.

      • Peter Wesley Nye, Esquire is a Program Analyst for the Independent Living Administration with the Administration for Community Living in Washington D.C.  The mission of the Administration for Community Living is to maximize the independence, well-being, and health of older adults, people with disabilities across the lifespan, and their families and caregivers.  Mr. Nye will be presenting information and be in attendance for the duration of the conference to answer any questions you may have.

      10:30 – 10:45   Break -Grab a Snack!

      10:45 – 11:45   Assistive Technology Session.

      11:45 – 12:30   Bluepath Introduction.

      • Mark Leeper, Executive Director of Disability Action Center NW (DAC) will be presenting on what Bluepath is and what the future app has in store for accessibility!  You will learn about how you can contribute to this directory of accessible business in your community!  Once the information is presented you will have a chance to use this new knowledge right away in the next session!

      12:30 – 2:30   Lunch and BluePath Mapathon!

      • This is a working lunch session.  We will have a list of lunch locations that LINC has reached out to prior to the conference about the Bluepath project.  Each location will have a lunch location captain assigned to it.  Conference attendees will sign up for the lunch spot they choose and will be allotted at $15 lunch stipend to spend on their order at the location they choose.  We will provide the distance from the conference and the average menu prices to help in your selection.  Once you have had lunch at the location, you will then map the location for the Bluepath directory.

       2:30 – 3:00 Mapathon Share Out and Reflection!

    • 6:30 PM   Doors open for screening of “It’s Raining So What”

      7:00 – 8:30   Screening of “It’s Raining So What”

      • Screening of “It’s Raining So What”- We are honored and delighted to have Joe Stone coming from Missoula, MT to share his documentary and story with us.  Joe is on the board for Summit Independent Living Center out of Missoula.  After the screening Joe will be conducting a Q&A around the film. Joe Stone Foundation: It’s Raining So What trailer:

      8:30 – 9:00   Q & A with Joe Stone.



      9:00 – 9:15   Welcome Back!

      9:15 – 10:15   Goals Setting with Joe Stone.

      • Joe will be conducting a session that will talk about the importance of goal setting and how to do it. Get ready to be motivated and empowered with the tools to move your next goals forward after this session.

      10:15 – 10:30   Break -Grab a Snack!

      10:30 – 12:00   Listening Session -State Plan Independent Living.

      • Mel Leviton, Executive Director of the Idaho State Independent Living Council and her team will be conducting a listening session for the state plan on independent living.  It is our chance as citizens of Idaho to share what is needed in this plan.  We look forward to hearing what ideas you have during this valuable time to shape our next plan.

      12:00 – 1:00 Lunch 

    • 12:30 Lunch Keynote Steve Snow

      1:00 – 1:45   Emergency Preparedness.

      • Jerry Riener from the Idaho State Independent Living Council will be presenting on 4 easy steps that you need to take in order to be emergency ready.  After the session you will walk away with the knowledge of those 4 steps and tools for others to us in your community.

      1:45 – 2:00   Break.

      2:00 – 2:45   Boise Parks and Recreation Adaptive Program.

      • Emily Kovarik and Sonya Buchholz will be presenting on all the amazing recreational opportunities that are available through the Boise Parks and Recreation’s Adaptive Recreation program. These are programs you can participate in or take that vision back home and start similar programs of your own if there is a need in your community!,-classes-and-sports/adaptive-recreation/

      2:45 – 3:00 Conference Linen Wrap Session.

    • 3:00 – 5:00 Art Sessions.

      • LINC knows that art can play a major role for many people.  We celebrate this every day in our halls of our Center for Independent Living by highlighting a variety of artist with disabilities.  We want the conference fun to continue out in the community celebrating art!  There will be a few selections of dentations for you to sign up for and appreciate the art opportunities out in the Boise community.  Some of the offering will be a trip to stroll around Art in the Park, Visit the James Castle House, or even the Boise Art Museum!  A complete list of options will be available for you at the conference.Boise Art In the Park: Castle House: Art Museum: