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Living Independence Network Corporation

Billing and Payroll Clerk Position
Pay Range: $12.01- $15.86
Supervisors: Finance Director

Position Objective

The Billing and Payroll Clerk will be responsible for assisting with LINC’s Personal Assistance Services (PAS) billing and payroll processes to ensure accuracy and mitigate chances of insurance fraud. The Billing and Payroll Clerk will   provide exceptional internal customer service by utilizing excellent, in-depth knowledge of LINC’s Medicaid billing requirements, Department of Labor requirements, and LINC’s internal policy expectations. The Billing and Payroll Clerk will contribute to a positive working environment by providing meticulous attention to detail, a readiness to help others (in and outside of the office), and a willingness to do what needs to be done. The Billing and Payroll Clerk will have a strong commitment to LINC’s mission and values. This is a finance position.



Payroll Entry and Billing Management

  • Receive, review, and process personal assistant weekly timesheets
  • Maintain open communication with Care Managers to provide feedback and ensure efficient process for time sheet corrections
  • Audit timesheets for entry accuracy
  • Ensure Medicaid compliance through quarterly task and signature audits
  • Attention to data accuracy
  • Correct time sheet errors after completing audits and send notification letters for hours worked over authorizations
  • Assist in ensuring LINC is compliant with DOL and IRS payroll requirements
  • Process mileage for personal assistants
  • Answer personal assistant payroll questions and requests
  • Complete full file reviews annually


Customer Service

  • Create an environment where team members can contribute their best work through providing a positive, helpful, and courteous experience in all interactions with LINC
  • Help promote a positive relationship between personal assistants, employers, and LINC staff
  • Address personal assistant payroll and timesheet inquiries and questions in a timely, accurate, and considerate manner according to LINC policy and program procedures
  • Work closely with all LINC team members to provide a quality participant experience across programs


Other Duties


  • Provide backup assistance with payroll audits and Medicaid billing
  • Have good knowledge of all LINC programs and services to provide information and referral services
  • Maintain a positive and open dialogue with PAS team members and supervisors concerning PAS program
  • Must have a working knowledge of computers and computer programs as job duties require
  • Have good knowledge of Health and Welfare appropriate policies, such as Adult Protection and Mental Health Guidelines
  • All other duties as assigned by supervisors



  • Ability to learn new things, follow written and verbal instructions, etc.
  • Ability to complete assignments in a timely manner
  • Ability to be detail and goal oriented and unafraid to excel
  • Possess good customer service skills
  • Self-starter/show initiative in completing tasks
  • Team player
  • Strong ability to prioritize tasks and manage multiple priorities and duties
  • Good organizational skills and ability to manage occasional schedule changes based on duties
  • Proficient in working with consumer databases, excel spreadsheets, e-mail, telephones, use of the internet, web-based applications, etc.
  • Experience in processing large employee payroll in a timely manner


Position Success Factors

  • Exhibit enthusiastic and sincere commitment to professionalism
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks with grace and goodwill
  • Curiosity and interest in empowering the lives of people with disabilities
  • Delight in helping others
  • Ability to thrive in a diverse environment and meet deadlines
  • Easy to work with, knowledgeable, and helpful
  • High integrity
  • Responsiveness and follow through
  • Ability to work well with a broad range of people
  • Dynamic interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with multiple team members
  • Ability to preserve classified nature of information
  • Solid independent judgment and motivation